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Best-price guarantee

Are you looking for the guaranteed best prices? Holiday homes and apartments can be booked with confidence through KETY HOLIDAYHOMES, because no matter which of our numerous properties you should choose, you will always get the best price!

If you find a cheaper price for the same property you’ve booked with KETY HOLIDAYHOMES by an other tour operator, we’ll be happy to refund you the difference. The following conditions must be met:

  • Please inform us within 7 days of your booking about the offer and the complete pricing details. We kindly ask you to give us enough specific information to be able to verify the price.
  • The price has to be visible and available to the general public and the competing offer has to be available at the actual price.
  • The price has to be exactly comparable wit the offer made by KETY HOLIDAYHOMES (same property, same travel period, same terms and conditions, etc.)

For the refund, please send us the information with proof of the competing price to and we’ll process your claim and get in touch with you to agree your refund.